Ki Wo Tsukau

Innovation and continuos improvement for your Company.

What is Ki Wo Tsukau® or “Worrying about…”?

    • KWT is an innovative tool for generation and management of ideas for the improvement of processes and systems. It is easy and quick to implement, plus it allows to direct the management systems through continous improvement.

The metodology facilitates the management of the improvements for all the organization and involves the personnel in every operational level. “Who knows their work, is who can actually improve it”.

How does Ki Wo Tsukau®?

    • The improvement is based in the knowledge of the client’s requirements, to fulfill them and exceed them. Improve the established standards.

This system works in 3 stages:

K1 Basic Functions

K2 Proactivity

K3 Impact/Benefits

In DEC we can help you improve your practices through the implementation of KWT.

Example KWT: Cycle K2-K1 Production Operator

    • Our team of Cunsultants has the best solutions for your Company, depending on your innovation needs.

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