Family Business

Strategies to manage, strengthen, direct and integrate new generations.

What is a Family Business?

If your business has some of the following characteristics, it can be defined as a Family Business:

    • More than 50% of the shares are own by members of the same family.
    • The members of the same family have high influence in the direction and decision making.
    • There is a purpose of the shareholders to pass the company to their next generation.

Common Situations

Given the particular circumstances that surround the family businesses, it is common to encounter the following situations:

    • Dificulty on the decision making.
    • Lack of well-defined roles for the members of the family in the business.
    • Generation gap, which makes communication hard.
    • Non-interest from the next generation.
    • Personal wealth as Company’s assets.

5 Principles for Order

To understand the necessities of your Family Business, you can start with these 5 principles:

1. Understand the size of the company and its characteristics.

2. Know who are the true owners of the Company.

3. Understand the control measurements for the family inside the Company.

4. Know who are and could be the beneficiaries of the Company.

5. Know when it is necessary to inherit the Family Business and in which conditions.

How to start?

Our team of professionals can help you with:

    • Indentification,order and valuation of the family assets.
    • Solving conflicts.
    • Family and Corporate Governance.
    • Strategic Direction.
    • Financial Security.
    • Estate Planning.

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